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Greetings and Welcome to X-Dimension, Technologies.

X-[D] stands for X-Dimension Technologies, where X is the unknown factor of choice and D is the domain of expertise. It is a network of IT Professionals whose proficiency range from Architectural / Engineering Design, 3D Modelling and Rendering, Computer Generated Imaging, Interactive Multimedia Authoring, Web Page Design and Publishing, LAN, WAN and Internet Networking Setup and Administration and still expanding . . .

Our services is committed to professionalism and excellence in design consulting and Information Technology systems setup through collaborative effort wherein each professional contributes his/her own expertise to achieve a common objective.

The cover design's visual concept signifies the group's convergence, and from its union emanates a solid connection of ideas and the means to communicate effectively in various aspects of endeavor.

It is a one-stop shop in Design, Information and Computer Technology.


To provide professional services in various aspects of marketing, promotion, and presentations using state-of-the-art computer technology. Inasmuch, our services in Infomation Technology Systems setup is at its finest as well.

We act as an alternative source for entity or entities that could not afford exorbitant fees bound by Corporate Bureaucracy but needs professional quality service. The excellence of our profession brings it at par with the most established and long existing companies when it comes to output. We let our portfolio speak for itself.

We accept complete or partial works in any field of expertise as mentioned above. We also provide help to have your company's presence be noticed in cyberspace either by paid or FREE Internet domain.

Quality production and performance outputs are adhered to for our clients requirements and satisfactions.

Our prime objective is to share our expertise GLOBALLY and accepts jobs at competitive cost through INTERNET NETWORKING.

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