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Introduction and Career Overview

Over the past fifteen years I have gained experience and held Senior and Executive Management positions in the following fields;

• Marketing
• Sales
• Public Relations
• Promotions
• Publishing & Advertising
• Hotel, Casino, Leisure and Tourism

I have been in the hotel industry for the past 9years and currently in the Middle East for the past 18 months. Prior to that, my work experience was in Botswana, Africa as well as in South Africa.
My passion for the hotel and travel industry has lead me to further my qualifications in this field, hence, I have enrolled with the University of Las Vegas, to do my Masters Degree in Travel and Hospitality, further enhancing my Marketing and Sales background (UNLV is presently the only internationally recognised institution to offer this specific broad-spectrum degree). The course is through correspondence of which I have completed the first segments with distinction pass marks.
  My position in Botswana allowed me to be actively involved in the Tourism Sector, where I represented the Hotel Casino industry as an Executive member on the board with HATAB (Hotel & Tourism Association of Botswana).  
  I consider myself a self-starter who is goal driven and career minded. As I am single and have no personal commitments or responsibilities, it avails me to be able to work diligently in continuing to develop my career path. I believe I could contribute positively to any new opportunities afforded to me.  

I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to consider my CV and look forward to the prospect of further communications with you in this regard.

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